Noosa Bays and Coves

Get away from the summer crowds and take a walk around the Noosa headland to one of the more wind protected bays, Tea Tree or Granite Bay. With shady trees and sheltered nooks, these bays allow for total peace and relaxation. They are also a great viewing spot to watch the local surfers. You may even see a turtle or two pop up for a breather. A bit of a walk back to town for a snack though, so ensure you bring supplies to last the day. These areas are not patrolled by Australian Surf Lifesavers so take extra care when entering the water and keep an eye on under currents or sweeps that may drag the inexperienced beach goer out to sea. Looking for a less populated beach? Alexandria Bay is a "nudist" beach at the southern end of Noosa Headland and as such attracts fewer crowds than Noosa Main Beach.


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